Tenno Lake, Italy
28 February 2018
3 October 2017
Oliwia and Simon – free spirit under the blue skies

Crisp fresh air in the mountains, wind ruffling hair, blinding whiteness of the dress and suit, in the background “Stand by me” by Ben King. Oliwia and Simon exchanged their vows on one of the summits in Jizera Mountains, who on this day settled to conjure the perfect landscape for tying the knot. Somewhere there, under bride and groom’s feet two playful dogs were frolicking, sensing that something important was taking place. In general, we are lucky this year to come across dog and cat lovers. We like to think of it “ it takes one to know one”.

We will associate Oliwia and Simon’s wedding with such sophisticated and adorable atmosphere. With cacophony, laughter and ease, when together with their friends they were gluing, cutting out and arranging wedding decorations. However, from this illusive chaos appeared beautifully constructed and refined picture. Guests arriving in cable cars to the top of the mountain, dancing under the clouds, wonderful speeches directed to the Bride. One wanted this night to last forever.

Oliwia and Simon created something magical and completely “theirs”, staying away from the usual patterns. They tossed all the “ This should(n’t) be done” in to a deep hollow, somewhere in the sun drenched Jizera Mountains.



  1. Paula Kalias says:

    Rewelacja <3 1. Wasze spojrzenie <3 2. Miejsce <3 3. Para <3 4. Góry <3 5. Pies <3

  2. Damian says:

    Świetne zdjęcia, mnóstwo sytuacji i różnorodne miejsca, można się poczuć jak by się tam było.

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