Wedding session in Croatia
11 January 2018
3 October 2017

Magda & Mateusz – your home is where your family is.


What if we took a couple of travelers, the type of “let’s pack and see where our feet will take us” and add to it a pinch of artistic allure, and complete it all with a great deal of sincere and kindest emotions? Than Magda and Mateusz would appear, and a word would follow, a word which we assigned to their slow and elegant wedding – the bond.

While we were working on choosing the frames, to present in the best possible way the atmosphere surrounding this couple, they were already discovering the humid, colorful Asia, inhaling millions of fragrances and each other’s presence. Magda and Mateusz had planned to marry in their hometown. They spiced up the venue with golds, whites and juicy green decorations, creating a composition with a pinch of glamour rustic vibes. Magda,a graduate of Art School designed a logo and took care of the visual side of the ceremony herself. Beauty, perfected to every small detail mixed with magic. And this magic thickened the air, remaining to be seen. It was visible in the tear rolling down the parents’ cheeks, in a warm hug of grandparents, in the look in the eyes of the bride and groom, full of commitment and love.

The bond, connecting them to their closest ones, which has shaped them in some way, played an exquisite melody of love and friendship.

This is how we will remember them.

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