I am not quite sure how to write about myself but it is really important for us to get to know each other so I am Nina and I photograph people in love. I live in a small town in Poland with Darek, my fiance, my greatest supporter, best friend and fearless second-shooter. We are inspired by music which brought us together, and nature which keep us energized.

We are fascinated that every couple has their own individual story. Story that made that among houndreds of people they met, they choose themselves.

From all those life choices you’ve made, you have come to place where you want to tell that one person „hey, I want to wake up next to you every single day” and we want to share this moment with you. Capture it for you.

Our style is based on storytelling. We are narrators of your story, we are focusing on showing that special connection between you and on your emotions of that day. We are based in Poland but we can take our cameras anywhere, just give us reason to do that.

If you feel that we can have a lot in common we would love to hear from you.